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Relationship based training
specialising in German Shepherds
and other large breeds

Choose from a selection of bespoke programmes
Individual and Group options available

Do you have a new puppy running you ragged?
Or perhaps a puppy joining the family soon and you want to be ready to do the best by them?

Does the thought of bumping into people when on a walk bring you out in a cold sweat?
 Does it seem like your dog is walking you rather then the other way round?

Do you worry about letting them off the lead as they will just as likely disappear off to play with anything and  everything else out there....except you!

Do you worry about people coming to visit, knowing they get frustrated about your dog barking at them or them jumping about with excitement at the new visitor?

Don’t worry – you are not alone! BUT – did you know you can put an end to all that, while at the same time building a better relationship with your dog! Hard to believe? Well its true…..honestly!

I don’t believe in simply telling the dogs what to do and when to do it. I believe in you and your dog being equally involved in the process through playing games and learning together. The games that you will learn will shape your dogs brain, developing real skills for real life situations. And to top it off, your dog will love you for it…  Now that’s cool stuff isn’t it?

I can support you in all aspects of training and behavioural support while you create your dream life with yourdog.

Regardless of the struggle you may have with your dog, perhaps pulling on lead, excessive barking, poor recall or resource guarding, maybe you simply want to avoid the pitfalls with your new puppy…there’s a game for that!

Why Forseti?

Pronounced 'for-SET-ee', he is one of the lesser known Norse Gods.
Rarely mentioned, but he holds an important role, one of settling disputes.
Known as the God of Justice, he regularly practices mediation to ensure the fairest outcomes to all involved.

Why me ?

Our dogs have evolved over thousands of years and the relationship between man and dog is like no other.
We have bred specific traits and created multiple breeds - my role is to help you understand these so that you can use them to motivate your dog, strengthen your relationship and co-exist in harmony

So, how can i help you....?

Puppy Perfection

• A 5 week programme  
• 45 minute session per week
• Online support and feedback via Whatsapp and Facebook
• Aimed at puppies no older than 18 weeks at the start of the programme
• We will cover a number of Puppy Life Skills including Relationship, Focus, Confidence, Calmness and Emotional Resilience
• You will get great recall, loose leash walking, easy handling for grooming and vet visits, and puppy manners
• There will be plenty of time to cover off your own specific challenges as and where needed too

Life Skills

• A programme run in 4 weekly 'terms'
• 45 minute session per week
• Online support and feedback via Whatsapp and Facebook
• Aimed at puppies over 18 weeks and older dogs that may have missed out on earlier training or joined the family later on in their life
• Group and Individual programmes available (book a call to discuss which you think is more suitable for you and your dog)
• The individual programme is tailored with a bespoke training plan created to meet the needs of both your dog and your household

Behavioural Support

• 4 or 8 weeks (bespoke depending on the circumstances)
• Face to face support as well as online via Whatsapp and Facebook  
• Aimed at all dogs of all ages  
• Co-existing together in harmony is sometimes more challenging, this is usually when one side of the relationship isn’t getting their needs fully met or there is conflict between the needs of each side
• This usually needs more understanding and an individual programme put together to identify the root cause behind the behaviour, and remove or reduce the conflict without causing challenge to either side  

Coming Soon.....Puppy Pre-School

A programme aimed at puppies between 8-13 weeks old
building confidence and resilience 

Hold on, I haven't properly introduced myself yet!

Hi, I'm Rachael!

I work with dog owners to bring out the best in their dogs and support them to succeed in our crazy human world. Through giving insight into your chosen breed and their traits, you can understand each other and enjoy the life together that you've always dreamed of!

German Shepherds are my passion, nothing feels as satisfying as increasing owners confidence in how they best support their dog.

I am lucky enough to share my life with three dogs – a Tibetan Terrier and two German Shepherds. They are poles apart from each other but have a fantastic bond!

Seeing so many German Shepherds in rescue and often so misunderstood has led me to becoming a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue Elite who work tirelessly to support those dogs in need of rehoming.

While I specialise in German Shepherds, I have worked with a range of shepherd crosses and other large breeds including Newfoundlands, Malamutes, Vizlas, Pointers, Labradors, Retrievers and Dobermans.

Training starts young and continues for as long as you need it....

Many clients have started out intending only to complete a puppy training course, but have continued on to become long term members, continually learning and building their relationship with their dog.

Take a look at the video on loose lead walking to get a feel for how I train...

Get in touch and lets chat about what support I can offer you.......

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